What's the TIME Mr Wolf? Teaching Children to Tell the Time

What's the TIME Mr Wolf? Teaching Children to Tell the Time


I think I can speak for us all as parents and say that we always want what's best for our children. We spend so much time making sure we feed our children a well balanced diet, take them for all their regular health checks and invest in their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When it comes to their education it can be a little tricky at times, as we don't always have the strategies or resources that we need to support our children's learning. 


Learning how to tell the time can seem simple, once you have learnt the skill, however for children it is actually a very complex concept to master. I never really learnt how to tell the time properly as a child and I struggled with it even into adulthood. Research also shows that many children, teenagers and even adults struggle with telling the time.

My son who is 8 years of age is very bright and excels at school, however I did notice that he was struggling with learning to tell the time. I would ask him what the time is and he would always give me the incorrect time, unless it was O'clock or half past. During my parent - teacher interview, his teacher told me that all of her students were struggling with the concept of learning how to tell the time, despite spending a large amount of time teaching the concept. I also have a teaching degree and know that 'Time' is an integral part of the school curriculum.  


There is always a solution to a problem. When we designed our kids' watches we wanted them to look good, be high quality and help children learn to tell the time. We achieved this by creating a stylish design made using the highest quality design and material, including Swiss Movement, Sapphire Crystal and Top Grain Leather and included special 'learn to tell the time features.' Our kids' watches are also water resistant, which is a win for every parent!


Rose Gold and Blush Pink watch, which also comes with an extra 'easy to change' Candy Pop Pink band.


Our special learn to tell the time features, are subtle and don't compromise on style. Some of the other learn to tell the time kids' watches are so busy with different colours separating the TO and Past sides and there was just so much going on, I actually found it more confusing! We wanted our features to seamlessly integrate with the watch, as this would allow for a smooth transition to another watch as they grow up and would also assist them in telling the time on another regular clock face.

Firstly, we have added a TO | PAST under the Sparrow logo, to define which side the minute hand is on and it almost divides the watch in half with the line at the top, without actually putting a full line down the middle of the watch. We also integrated the 0 above the 12 into the word O'CLOCK and the line under the 6 says HALF for half past. Next to the 3 and 9 we incorporated 1/4 symbol for a quarter to or a quarter past.

I found that my son was getting very confused with the number on the minute line, for instance if the minute hand was on the 9 he would say its 9 to....or he would count in 5's and say it is 45 to..., which are both incorrect. To deal with this issue, we put in the actual minute numbers on the outside of the minute line counting from 0 up in 5's up to the 6 and then down in 5's back up to the 12. For example, on the 1 minute line there is also a little 5, representing that it is 5 minutes past. This is pretty simple, but it does get confusing once you pass the 6, as I mentioned above with my son. So on our kids watches, instead of your child having to count in 5's to work out how many minutes PAST or TO the hour, we have included the correct minutes. For example, on the 8, it has a little number that says 20, so the child can now look at the top and see that the minute hand is on the TO side and that it it 20 TO the hour, instead of saying 40 TO the hour because they have counted up in 5's or even 8 minutes to the hour, which is incorrect.

I know that that was a real mouthful, so here is an image for you to have a look at our kids watch face.


Brushed Stainless with Black leather watch, which also comes with an extra 'easy to change' Brown leather band.



I can honestly say that I have seen first hand with my own son how our watch has helped him learn to tell the time. As I mentioned above, he was struggling with telling the time and his teacher told me that all of her students were struggling with the concept. When we first got our watches in, I sat down with him and explained the features on the watch and within 10 minutes he had grasped the concept of time! It was AMAZING and it felt so great as a mother to know that I was able to help him learn this concept of telling the time, which is such an important life skill to have. The other great thing is, because we have created a kids watch with learn to tell the time features that are subtle, he is able to tell the time on other regular clock faces as well. This really is a great teaching resource to help your child learn to tell the time and having them wear their watch everyday will help them become proficient with this skill. I'm excited to have a product that helps children with their education and is also a stylish fashion accessory for both girls and boys. 

You can learn more about our watches for children and check out our full range of girls watches and boys watches over at


With Love

Ena xx


Matte Black with Brown leather watch, which also comes with an extra 'easy to change' Black leather band.







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