About Us

Teaching the Time

Learning to tell the time can be a very difficult concept for children to grasp and master. We have designed a watch for children that is high quality, stylish and has special features, which will help your child learn to tell the time. 

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Kids Swiss Watch

Swiss Movement

What's the point of knowing the time if it's not right! Our watches come fitted with industry leading Swiss movements that will stand the test of time.

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Who needs 100 metres

There's nothing worse than buying a watch and forgetting to take it off before jumping in the pool...unless it's water resistant. There are however different levels of water resistance and we of course ensured that ours was at the top of the water resistance level, as we know that the chances of a child getting their watch wet is very high!

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Kids Watch with Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire Glass

Sapphire Crystal is harder than almost anything else on Earth, with the exception of materials such as diamonds! It is tough, durable and the least prone to shatter or scratch, making it the perfect choice for a watch face, especially for a children's watch.

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About our leather

Why is it it so important to us that we use only the finest full grain Italian leather that has been tanned using traditional methods without the use of harmful chemicals? Read on to learn that not all leather is made the same.

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Quality is not expensive, its priceless

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